About us

We are a team devoted to web development using Ruby on Rails and iOS apps (iPhone and iPad). In our daily work, we use Extreme Programming techniques such as TDD and pair programming.

Working with both environments allows us to create rich projects which live in the cloud and in the user’s pocket.

José Luis Cambero Contador José Luis Cambero Contador Maths lover since always and programming enthusiast since 1989. Agility, rock and life lover. Productivity obsessed, he is always learning and constantly seeking personal growth and continuous improvement.

Gumersindo Coronel Pérez Gumersindo Coronel Pérez iOS expert developer. Agility enthusiast. Jazz flautist in his free time.

Fray Francisco Manuel González García Fanatic programmer, web developer with Ruby on Rails. Cinema and downhill rider ^^ lover.

How do we work?


iOS is our favourite platform to develop new mobile apps. Apple mobile platform provides a quick development. It reaches a great number of users with a very low promotion cost. Moreover, due to the mobile device types which support iOS, it allows a less hard app maintenance than other platforms.

Ruby On Rails

Web application framework focused on the development speed, together with the security and scalability. Leading web technology since its origins, it allows to build complex applications on a record time. Moreover, its flexibility and adaptation to changes makes possible to open out solutions which can evolve in the course of time and be adapted to users’ demands.


Our methodology is based on the agile development methodology SCRUM.
This iterative and incremental process allows us to have a new application version every 15 days. It gives us the chance to add changes not considered initially and our customers to take the helm in their project development.

Main Customers


Star Trails

Star Trails

Mac app to generate impressive star trail pictures and videos. With Star Trails, you’ll just have to upload your pictures and generate the composition automatically. Save time in your compositions!

More about Star Trails Mac App Store


Pinball Craft

A pinball table construction game inspired in the great Minecraft (thanks, Notch!).
Build your own pinball table from nothing, collecting and mixing new items. Start creating your table with a few items and make it bigger till being the best of all!

More about PinballCraft



Agricultural forecast

Application management strawberry picking.

More about Prevision App Store



This app shows the lyrics of the song playing in iTunes

LyricsMate lets you view the lyrics of the song, edit, search and put your taste both the window and the keyboard shortcut.

More about LyricsMate App Store

Running Series

Running Series

App for prepare your training when you run, Running Series notice to you with a sound at the end of the each time series.

More about Running Series App Store

Greedy Box

Greedy Box

A mix between racing and puzzle game!

A super simple control. Just tap in left or right middle of the screen to drive the Greedy Box throw the levels.

More about Greedy Box App Store

Adloop Networks

Adloop Networks

Exclusive advertising network for mobile gaming that allows cross-promotion between games of a single developer or among others on the same network

Register and download the SDK, the integration is only 3 lines of code.

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